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06/06/2008 - Hannover - Interschutz
Durata: dal 06-06-05 al 11-06-05
All fired up for the latest product developments ­ and making a formidable team with the security services
In June 2005 the exhibition INTERSCHUTZ takes place once again in Hannover, this time in conjunction with INTERPOLICE. As both events cover many of the same areas, a greatly extended range of exhibits awaits you. And as professionals in different areas of application compare notes, the scene is set for some highly productive knowledge transfer.
INTERSCHUTZ has achieved its high international standing by constantly developing its display concept in line with changing market needs and visitor expectations. Now the extensive range of exhibits on security-related themes will be enhanced and complemented by the attractive offerings featured simultaneously at INTERPOLICE, the international exhibition for police and internal security.
Committed to constant growth within its own area of specialization, INTERSCHUTZ is set to remain the world’s leading flagship trade fair for the emergency services.

Sito ufficiale: http://www.interschutz.de/homepage_e?x=1
Info: joerg-we.strauss@interschutz.de
Organizzato da: Deutsche Messe
Riferimenti: Tel. +49 5118933123 Fax. +49 5118933134



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